J.J.P. and friends are always interested in public and private venues. Up to now, the ensemble has both given full-length concerts as well as participated in events with other artists.

The music published on this website provides insight into the musical spectrum of J.J.P. and friends. However, as to the scope of classical, contemporary, popular music and jazz, the ensemble’s repertoire is even larger. Emphasis can be put on different styles depending on the respective occasion.

J.J.P. and friends frequently use improvisatory elements in their pieces. Likewise, they apply the technique of producing tonal fields by the repetition of motifs and interlocking minimalist patterns. Thus, the musical framework, as elaborate and carefully constructed as it may be, always leaves space for the musicians’ spontaneous creativity. Situational creation of music plays a pivotal role in J.J.P. and friends’ concerts. Any performance therefore has a unique character and gives a special validity to the live experience.

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