“It is hard to describe the variety of styles this outstanding ensemble provides, there are, thank god, no categories that match them.”

—Gisela Spandler, Der Bote

Up to 2006, J.J.P. and friends performed their program “Planet der Affen”(Planet of the Apes) ranging from classical and minimal music to avant-garde and free jazz. Among others, they played works by John Cage, George Gershwin, Johann Strauß senior, Shostakovich, Astor Piazzolla, Herbie Hancock and Josef Matthias Hauer, a composer from Vienna, who was the first to write an entire piece using twelve tone technique (“Nomos”, 1919). In 2005, they cooperated with contrabassist Lizzy Aumeier, producing and performing their “Sonderkonzert”. In those days J.J.P. and friends also cultivated a new style of performance called “Art Attack”.

In the years 2007 and 2008, the ensemble ran a new experiment and developed a program on country music. During this temporary excursus from classical music into the subject of Hank Williams, Johnny Cash et al. they were supported by bassist Rolf Scharrer. The highlight of 2009 was eventually a joint concert with Altdorf-based Ensemble Rubato. On this occasion, J.J.P. and friends performed, once more with Rolf Scharrer at the bass, parts of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Goldberg Variations as well as Ney Rosauro’s concerto for marimbaphone with soloist Tobias Herrmann.

“Die Eingriffe in die Binnenform ermöglichen eine ‘Nachkomposition’, der eine Quadratur des Kreises gelingt, nämlich die Übertragung der repräsentativen Kollektivgattung Sinfonie auf einen kleinen Klangapparat”

—Beat Kornfeld über kv 550

In November 2010, J.J.P. and friends gave the concert “Sinfonie-Konzert” in Altdorf’s historic university building. Along with compositions by Moondog, Anton von Webern, Chuck Berry, Laurence Sherr, and Max Geyer, the focus lay on the ensemble’s latest project, which they had been working on for the preceding two years: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s symphony in G minor, kv 550, as an adaptation for four instrumentalists. The ensemble’s arrangement is situated between classic, expressionism, minimal music, and Balkan jazz. In this, J.J.P. and friends aimed at maintaining both the setup and the compositional idea of the original’s four movements, yet supplying its structure with a new foundation. Therefore, rhythm and repetitive elements gain a more important role whereas melody and harmonies are put into a functionally different context.

In December 2011, J.J.P. and friends’ latest performance, titled “Adventskonzert”, took place in the cinema hall of Altdorf’s KinoKulturKneipe Graffiti. Together with a chamber choir set up specifically for this concert, they played amongst others the chorale “Ich steh’ an Deiner Krippen hier”. Their adaptation followed the concept of medieval organa as composed at the time of the Notre Dame school in the 12th and 13th century.